My experience in CRIT

       Teletón,  founded by several companies no more than 18 years ago, is a non-profit organization with the main objective to attend  kids and teenagers with health problems such as cancer, various physical  disabilities and autism and also to give support and therapy to their families.

Our mission at SEK Guadalajara is to promote values of solidarity, awareness and respect for minorities, with this in mind, the school arranged a visit to this Health Centre for our 8th grade students.
This was some great and unforgettable experience for our pupils. During their visit they understood how to show solidarity, respect and awareness for others  better, as well as they got a chance to see from a different perspective and appreciate more the things  they have in their lives and what they are themselves.  In addition to all that they learned that day the students will be able to help one of  the patients by collecting money at our school.
I was moved when I saw babies in rehab and felt impotence because I couldn’t do anything to help them. I felt sad to realize that my problems seemed so small in comparison to theirs. I felt grateful for everything I had, for my family that had always supported and given me everything I needed. ” Lucía Loy.
The visit to Teletón created an awareness in our students that we hope will soon spread over all our school and we will be able to help  more kids in need.

Mtra. Pascaline Pindi

Social Studies Department

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