Our kids and the Technology

We all know that technology has become an essential part of our lives. Our lifestyles would be impossible to maintain without the speed and the ease that technology provides us with. Nevertheless, sometimes we still struggle to apply it in our everyday activities, like creating collective work groups online, sharing important documents, fixing connectivity problems when talking to our families in others cities or countries, using safely the web sites.
Since technology advances faster than we can comprehend it, use it and manage it, we need to engage ourselves, as well as our children, on a continuous learning.
In SEK we have a valuable opportunity to help our children to grow-up in a favorable environment to develop the necessary abilities. We understand that being capable of using the technology to solve everyday needs is a way to strengthen their competences for living and working.
Days like “the forgotten backpack” enrich the teaching-learning process giving the opportunity to all the community (teachers and students) to incorporate a wide variety of online resources on from uncountable topics and dominions.  The quality of these resources improves constantly and the best part is that our children love them.
This way, our children have the opportunity to learn with multi-media content and interactive activities that would be one of the reasons why they show so much interest in them. The “forgotten backpack day” challenges us to  increase our  commitment to this area of education and keep working on constant  technological development of our students and teachers.

Tania Muñoz Treviño

Technology teacher

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